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21st Century Workflow Automation for Digital Print

Phil Garcia
Phil Garcia General Manager at S2K Graphics

“we looked at other solutions, but they required that we alter our workflow to their systems, rather than having the system facilitate our workflow.  It is just easy to use, and it doesn’t require a lot of complex integration or training.”

Terry Corman
Terry Corman CEO at Firehouse

…using Tucanna’s tool set we have eliminated about 25% of our production pre-press, and will reduce head count from 5 to 1 by March 1st, 2015

Bill Ishida
Bill Ishida Chief COO Metromedia Technologies

“Before adoption, our clients were screaming for one-day-or-less proof times.  Now we have zero complaints on proofs.  tFLOW has definitely made us more responsive to our customers’ needs.  We would recommend it to everyone but our competitors!”

Daniel Wijdenes
Daniel Wijdenes VP Operations - Atomology

“One of the things we like best about tFLOW is that it can be as light or as intensive as you need it to be.”

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Our Product Philosophy

Tucanna is a global developer and supplier of software solutions for the printing industry, founded in 2006. Tucanna develops “software for humans”: simple, elegant, user-friendly and yet powerful in the most complex processes; helping customers raise productivity, reduce costs and improve quality.Tucanna solutions are widely used throughout the printing industry spectrum from traditional offset and flexo to digital and large / wide format printing environments.Tucanna is represented by partners and authorized dealers all over the world.